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The BioTracker

 Bio-Energetic Stress Response Technology

 Facilitating a return to Optimum Health for patients

Bio-Energy Meridians

Acupuncture an ancient Chinese medical technique for​​ relieving pain, curing disease and improving general health. It grew out of ancient Chines​e philosophy's dualistic cosmic theory of the Yin and the Yang. The forces of the Yin and the Yang act in the human body as they do throughout the natural universe as a whole.

Disease or physical disharmony is caused by an imbalance of these two forces in the body and the goal in Chinese medicine is to bring the Yin and the Yang back into balance with each other, thus restoring the person to health and wellness.

An imbalance of Yin and Yang results in an obstruction of the vital life force, or Ch'i in the body.  The fundamental energy of the Ch'i flows through 12 meridians, or pathways, in the body, each in turn associated with a major visceral organ ( heart, liver, lungs etc.) and with a functional body system. There are 365 main acupuncture sites along these 12 meridians, where needles may be inserted, that are designed to affect the distribution of Yin and Yang in these channels so that Ch'i will be able to flow freely and harmoniously.

Western Science Observations

Subsequent electromagnetic conductivity research on the ductile system found that electrical resistance in the skin over traditional acupuncture points differs from the surrounding epidermal resistance by a factor of 10 to 1. It has also been shown that disease states produce characteristic disturbances in the electrical potentials of these points along the specific meridians. 

At Harvard Medical School a relationship was shown to exist between physical health and energy fields in the body. A cell was found to be held in homeostasis at a certain electromagnetic frequency. When that frequency was altered either positively or negatively and not returned to its equilibrium, the cell died.

Every Health problem is primarily, therefore, an energetic  one, which is able to be detected energetically and influenced prior to physical manifestations of the Health condition. Similarly past exposure to diseases, chemicals, micro-organisms or radiation will likewise exhibit itself energetically in the makeup of each individual person. Medicine is beginning to move away from a Newtonian pharmacokinetic approach towards an Einsteinian approach where the manipulation of energy fields is employed. Einstein with his famous E=mc2 showed that matter and energy are interchangeable and are different manifestations of the same essential substance.

Bio-Energetic Stress Response Technology

Each and every substance, plant, drug, food, color, smell, medicine and even disease, has its own unique electromagnetic frequency signature. The unique makeup (coding) of each medication signature has been labeled as a sublist selection within the Main Virtual Lists of the BioTracker.

The BioTracker via electrode probes used on the patient passes a minute electrical current through a specific part/point on the body and measures the resistance to the current and determines whether the electron flow recorded is indicative of optimum condition in that specific meridian.

If the recorded resistance is deviant from the acceptable range, indicative of optimum health/wellness, the BioTracker enables the Physician/Practitioner to administer ideal formulated Virtual Remedies for that health concern, thus providing the patient with the ideal Medication and Remedies which allows him or her to progress on and return to a condition of optimum health and wellness. The patient may then be prescribed those ideal Remedies and a diet consistent with the BioTracker recorded findings, as the physician/practitioner deems appropriate.


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