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​The BioTracker

Bio Energetic Stress Response Technology     

DNA Analysis and Remedies

How we treat clients from anywhere in the World

A few years ago we BioTracker Physicians decided we could extend the benefits of the BioTracker Technology, by doing DNA Analysis and Remedies for clients, not only here at our Clinic in Arizona, USA, but, for clients throughout the entire world.

So we set up a Special department suitably equipped to handle DNA samples sent to us from all parts of the Globe ( Europe, Asia, Africa etc.).

 Since then we have successfully helped clients from many different parts of the world to return to Health and Wellness through this Program. 

Collect and Send Procedure for DNA samples

1. We require clients to send us two Q-tip swabs. One swab taken from inside the right cheek and another from inside the left cheek.  NOTE: Scrape and rotate the Q-tips inside the cheeks of the mouth for about 10 seconds for each one, and place both of them into a small sealable plastic bag.

2. We additionally require clients to send a hair clipping ( approx. 20 strands x 3/4"long). 

NOTE: Place the hair clipping into a second plastic bag.

Place these 2 plastic bags into a large envelope and mail or courier to us at our Mailing address below

We upon receipt of your DNA samples will process them using the BioTracker Technology Analysis and formulate the ideal Remedies in both Liquid and Pillule form and return ship them to you within 24 hours after receiving.

Currently costs for the DNA Analysis & Remedies (sufficient for about 40 days) is $240 for clients in the USA. All other countries extra $25 for Mailing costs.


Bio-Tracker Technologies Inc.  USA

Proprietary Owner and Distributor of The BioTracker System

465 South Churchill Drive, Gilbert, AZ 85296

Telephone: (480) 495-2810



BioTracker... accessing the Genius within you.



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