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The BioTracker​

Bio Energetic Stress Response Technology

Facilitating a return to optimum Health for the patient

Communication between the patient and the Practitioner

The BioTracker ingeniously combines the sciences of Naturopathy, Homeopathy, traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Modern medicine with today's leading edge Bio Energetic Stress Response Technology. 

This System facilitates clear communication between the body and the Practitioner, enabling the bio-energetic fields of the body to be accurately measured and assessed.

The Bio Energetic Stress Response technique has been in use for several decades in different forms and is currently employed by thousands of Physicians and Practitioners throughout the USA and the world.  

The BioTracker represents the culmination of recent advances in these techniques in corresponding medical fields, and in related Hardware and Software technology.

Energy Fields and Healing

The physical body has an impressive intrinsic capacity to heal itself. However, when the body cannot complete the healing process on its own, we are able, as a result of this technology, to assist in strengthening the inherent healing capacity.  Through careful individual assessment obstacles are removed to enable the healing process to proceed. 

The BioTracker measures resistance to a minute electrical current passed through a specific part of the body and is able to assess whether the electron flow recorded against specific low voltage and amperage, is indicative of optimum condition within that specific energy meridian (e.g. Heart, Lung, Liver etc.) or or not. 

The BioTracker is then able to produce graphic profiles showing clearly where there is need for adjustments to bring imbalances back to optimum readings. The BioTracker Technology contains large computerized  Lists of Remedies to enable the return to optimum Health of each unique patient that visits your Health and Wellness facility. 

From both modern and ancient perspectives we realize that every Health problem is essentially an energetic phenomenon. The BioTracker helps detect biochemical changes often before they become full-blown  problems. Electro-Energetic profile evaluations can also be confirmed by laboratory tests once analysis has been made. The BioTracker has the unique advantage of often detecting past exposures to chemicals, diseases, micro-organisms, radiation etc. which may have impacted a patient's underlying health condition.

Who uses The BioTracker?

The BioTracker is used by Health Practitioners, including, but, not limited to Medical Doctors, Osteopathic Doctors, Doctors of Homeopathy, Doctors of Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Doctors, Doctors of Veterinary medicine, Dental Physicians, Acupuncturists, Doctors of Chiropractic and Holistic Practitioners etc.

Training to get you started right!

Training for Physicians, Practitioners and Technicians is usually included with every BioTracker System Unit and includes the BioEnergetic Response Technology, applications, protocols, and methods of use etc. These Courses cover usual Hand and Foot testing, Principles of Electro Acupuncture, Chemical and Pesticide Toxicity, Allergy Testing, Virtual Remedy selection post Analysis testing and Point measuring Techniques.


Bio-Tracker Technologies Inc.  USA

Proprietary Owner and Distributor of The BioTracker Technology

465 South Churchill Drive, Gilbert, AZ 85296

Telephone : (480) 495-2810



BioTracker... accessing the Genius within you.



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